Order Attributes for Magento 2
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Compatible Magento Version 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4

Order Attributes For Magento 2

Magento 2 Order Attributes Extension allows the store owner to collect additional information from customers by adding custom fields to the checkout page. With this extension, store owners can add attributes to order and get exclusive information about their customers to improve marketing.

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How to Configure Magento 2 Order Attribute Extension?

  • Install Order attributes Magento 2 extension in your store.
  • You can enable extension from store --> Configuration --> Mageants --> Order attributes.
  • You can set other configuration as per your need and requirement.
  • Add order attributes from Order attributes --> Manage order attributes.
  • Admin can create input types such as radio button, checkbox, textarea, text box, date time, for custom order attribute.
  • Created order attributes will be displayed on the checkout page.
  • Learn more: How to Create Order Attribute Programmatically in Magento 2?

How Does MageAnts Order Attributes for Magento 2 Work?

Magento 2 Order Attributes Extension enables store owners to add necessary attributes at checkout steps. By installing this extension, store owners can create custom fields on the checkout page and gain more information about the customer expectation about their purchase like delivery time, surveys, and order comments.

Admin can select appropriate input types for each order attribute and set the display of an attribute on the front end. Besides, additional fields of orders can also be displayed in email and PDF documents like invoices, credit memos of the customers. In the sales order grid, the admin can overview all attributes of the orders. With Magento 2 Custom Order Attribute features, sellers can add, edit, and manage custom fields of the orders.

Other Features of Magento 2 Add Attribute to Order:

  • Enable/Disable the module
  • Place default label for attribute
  • Choose an input type of attribute
  • Allow adding sales order grid
  • Add custom attributes to PDF Invoice
  • Add custom attributes to confirmation emails
  • Custom attributes depending on shipping methods
  • Choose input validation
  • Choose input/output filter
  • Mobile friendly
  • Flexible condition options for attribute fields display
  • Customize checkout
  • Multi-store functionality
  • Place attribute priority
  • Look and manage all attributes
  • Add or delete attributes as per requirements

Benefits of Magento 2 Add Order Attribute:

Order attributes are limited to customers' order information like name, email address, shipping address, shipping method, etc in default Magento 2. With Magento 2 Order Attributes extension, you can create and display order attributes on the checkout page.

  • Personalise each order with more customers’ information.

  • Know customers' views, and expectations about the products.

  • Customers' open feedback will help store owners to bring more professionalism to the site.

  • Easily gather important customer data to enhance marketing strategies.

  • Exclusive insights to help you improve your online store performance.

  • Optimise your store by collecting useful and exclusive customer inputs.

Why Do You Need Magento 2 Customer Attributes Extension for Your Store?

If you are an online store owner, it's important to know about your overall site performance. There is lots of data you can collect from the analytics about the performances of your specific page and specific products. Moreover, direct answers or feedback from customers can help you evaluate and analyze your site better.

Asking some questions to your customers directly is necessary. So how about customers willingly giving you information or views on your specific question while ordering their favorite products? With Magento 2 Add Custom Order Attribute module, you can know the specific details by creating an order attribute.

Magento 2 Order Attributes offers multiple display options that help store owners to show and hide order attributes, so the same attribute can appear precisely when and where store owners want to display them. Optimize your store with this easy-to-use extension and enhance your store performance.

What is Order Attributes in Magento 2?

Using Order attributes Magento 2 extension, store owners can add multiple attributes to order at checkout page to get more information about customers.

How do I show order attributes in Magento 2?

Show Order attributes on checkout shipping and payment page with various different types of attributes like Text box, radio button, Checkbox, Etc.

How do you create a custom order attribute, save and show in admin in Magento 2?

You can enable configuration from store --> Order attributes after you can create order attributes from Order attributes grid --> Manage order attribute / Order attributes relation.

What are the attributes of orders?

You can create new order attributes with specific input types such as Text field, Text area, Date, Date and time, Radio button, Checkbox, Dropdown. For example, If you have added a question to select a gender Male or Female, the customer can answer by selecting a particular option on the checkout page.

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Current version number: 2.0.3
Date - 05/10/2023
Bug solved
--> MageAnts team make extension compatible with magento 2.4.6 version.
--> MageAnts team add new file upload order attributes so customer can easily add any file upload on checkout page.

Current version number - 2.0.2
Date - 23/01/2023
Coding Standard
==> Mageants team makes this extension coding as per the Magento coding standard.

Current version no - 2.0.1
Date - 15/02/2022
Bug fixed
--> When run compile command then gives an error in Magento2.4.3 version.
--> Admin try to print invoice with order attributes then gives an error in Magento2.4.3 version.
--> When admin set date and time attributes in shipping page and user open shipping page then by default it's redirect to date and time attributes.

Current version no - 2.0.0
Date - 10/12/2020
New extension
→ MageAnts develop new Order Attributes extension working fine in all Magento version.

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