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Magento 2 Lookbook is one of the best marketing tools to help store owners create an emotional connection with their audience and allow them to market their products with attractive looks. Admin can provide all the information about the complete look.
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Key Features of Lookbook:

  • Add Lookbook product descriptions using this extension.
  • The 'Purchase the complete look’ feature allows customers to buy all products together and offers discounts.
  • The 'Purchase individual products’ feature allows customers to buy a few products without a discount.
  • Boost website traffic with the social sharing feature of the extension.
  • Admin can set lookbook in any CMS block or page.
  • Admins can add a lookbook to any category page using the widget.
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By default, Magento 2 does not provide store owners with the ability to create a "lookbook" of products that customers can shop from and receive a discount if they purchase the entire lookbook. Unfortunately, Magento 2 does not enable store owners to create these lookbooks by default.


MageAnts Magento 2 lookbook extension is a handy tool to create a listing web page for displaying stunning lookbooks for your store. With this extension, you can exhibit the lookbook link with the product information on your website. It allows you to boost sales in your online store by displaying your products in various looks along with details like product description, size, color, etc. The merchant can also offer a discount on the entire lookbook purchase.


Create a distinctive listing page for showcasing your lookbooks.
Exhibit the ‘Shop by Look’ link on the website header and navigation menu.
Provide information about the complete look.
Benefit the customers with discounts on purchasing the entire look.
Enable users to purchase individual products or the entire look.
Enable the social sharing option for customized looks.
Create a custom layout and SEO-friendly website for the ‘Shop by Look’ page.
Configure a marker to be placed on your product.
Category-wise, shop by look.


What is Magento 2 Look book?

Magento 2 LookBook module allows you to create multiple image collections of your products based on your uploaded image or suggested image. With the help of this, admin can create a complete look and style of their products.

Is it possible to escape any product and purchase look?

Yes, it is possible. You need to enter quantity equal to zero or remove products from a look.

Is it to work with configurable products?

Yes, MageAnts Lookbook extension works with configurable products.

How to create a new page, or do I need to add it from pages and blocks?

There is no need to create a new page. You can add it from pages and blocks.

Can I add a URL to a particular look?

Yes, you can add URL to a specific look.

Is it possible to add a description for a particular look?

Yes, it is possible to add a description to a specific look.

Can I add a fixed discount or percentage-based discount?

You can add fixed as well as a percentage-based discount.


Customer 8 Reviews

Useful module
star star star star star
This is a great extension to get product bundles on our Magento 2 store. Their coders are excellent. No issues found.
| Posted On 08/14/2023
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| Posted On 07/26/2023
Highly Recommended
star star star star star
This is great extension, simply install, configure and run. This extension helped me engage more customers by offering them an advanced product suggestions. Nothing else is required to do. Highly recommended module.
| Posted On 06/22/2023
Great Extension
star star star star star
Lookbook is a very useful extension for fashion product. It lets you create a complete look of your products, which helps to make more sales. This is a great extension to get product bundles on your Magento 2 store.
| Posted On 05/23/2023
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Change Log

Current Version Number : 2.3.5

Date :12/09/2023

Bug fixed

  • Make extension compatible with magento Marketplace.
  • When a lookbook is added to the cart after from checkout cart customer move product to wishlist then also discount remains as it is, MageAnts team resolve issue and make compatible with all magento version.

Current Version Number : 2.3.4

Date :30-06-2023

Bug fixed

  • In backend when product selected in grid after check marker, products have uncheck.
  • When the user is in any category page, now click on lookbook link, so here this lookbook page is not found.
  • When add any bundle product to the lookbook and click on the "add to cart" button, an error message is displayed.
  • Add a lookbook product to a cart; now click on multiple addresses, remove one product, and place the order. So here, still, the lookbook discount is applied.
  • Outofstack product not show In frontend
  • deprecated error in show when delete prodcuct in cart page(In magento246)

Current Version Number :2.3.3

Date : 15/05/2023

Bug fixed

  • MageAnts team make extension compatible with latest magento 2.4.6 version.

Current Version Number :2.3.2

Date :01/03/2023

New Features

  • Added compatibility for multi-store view
  • Added feature to change product position
  • Added feature to create shopbylook category and assign shopbylook products to the category
  • Added code to make product images clickable on listing page
  • Discount not applying on invoice creation

Current Version Number : 2.3.1

Date : 15/09/2021

Bug fixed

  • Need to show configurable swatch and drop down as per product attribute on shop by detail page.

Current Version Number : 2.3.0

Date :15/09/2021

Bug fixed

  • Need to show configurable swatch and dropdown as per product attribute on shop by detail page.

Current Version Number : 2.2.9

Date :25/03/2021

Bug Fixed

  • When discount applied based on product of look, then discount should depend on minimum quantity.

Current Version Number :2.2.8

Date :28/09/2020

Bug fixed

  • Minicart design layout has some issues when user added product to the cart and open minicart fromt he lookbook listing page. This issue is fixed.
  • MageAnts team make shop by look extension compatible with Magento2.4 version.

Current Version Number : 2.2.7

Date :25/08/2020

Bug fixed

  • When admin add only group product in look and user purchase this look then discount not apply in group product, MageAnts team resolved the issue in all Magento version.

Current Version Number : 2.2.6

Date :09/07/2020

Bug fixed

  • When admin click on menu of shop by look on backend at that time to show error in Magento2.3.5-P1 version, MageAnts team resolved issue and extension working fine in all Magento version.

Current Version Number :2.2.3

Date :09/08/2019

Bug fixed

  • MageAnts enhancement in shop by look extension now can create different widget and display different widgets on different pages like category or CMS etc.

Current Version Number : 2.2.2

Date :09/02/2019

Bug fixed

  • if not any shop by look product selected from admin then also by default 1Markar pin display, also image size fixed to 700*700px size. Now both issue fixed and working fine in Magento2.1, Magento2.2 and Magento2.3 version.

Current Version Number : 2.2.1

Date :19/12/2018

Bug fixed

  • We add some new functionality in MageAnts Shop by look(look book) extension.
  • Add close button(X) in the product list page as well as the product view page to close the popup.
  • Now user sees the View detail button on the product list page to show the product detail page.
  • if the user does not purchase the whole look then user add quantity = 0 and click on add to cart button all product add to cart without 0 quantity product but user not able to get discount if user purchase whole look then user get discount.
  • All looks fixed on the product list page, with image size 1024*860.
  • Sometimes marker not set properly in product list page and product detail page, so all issue fixed and working fine in all Magento version.

Current Version Number : 2.2.0

Date :18/08/2018

Bug fixed

  • User can see the product name, price, and image display on shop by look popup for product listing page.→ https://prnt.sc/kj6o1m
  • User can add shop by look list by the widget in CMS pages or CMS block to display on a particular page.
  • User also able to see shop by look in responsive view.

Current Version Number : 2.1.0

Date :04/07/2018

Bug fixed

  • Solve the issue of product delete from Cart and mini cart.
  • Solve the issue of product image size and pinpoint.
  • Admin side configuration page there one spelling mistake.
  • Correct spelling mistake. Socail → Social, Now issue fixed.

  • How To Enable LookBook In Magento 2?

  • How Does It Work?

  • Why Needed?

  • Benefits of Lookbook Magento 2 Extension

  • Install LookBook Magento 2 extension in your store.
  • You can enable extension from store > Configuration > Mageants > LookBook.
  • You can set other configuration as per your need and requirement.
  • Create shop by look from Shop by look grid > Manage shop by look.
  • Create a shop by look and set product and discount of shop by look.
  • Customer can purchase look and get discount.
  • Customer want to purchase fully, look to get discount.
  • Customer place order easily and get discount in shop by look.
  • This Lookbook extension for Magento 2 is a very aesthetic and persuasive way of attracting customers to buy your products. It allows you to create industry-specific look books for clothes, accessories, furniture, jewelry, etc. You can combine various complimentary products and create a complete look book out of it.
  • The extension enables you to create a separate landing page for this. All the looks that you create can be displayed here. Plus, the extension gives you the utmost customization and flexibility options. You can choose the display, specifications, type, etc. of all the products that you display in the lookbook.
  • Do you know that displaying complementary products together rather than individually increases their visual appeal by almost 70%? A product alone might not look so attractive and worthy as it does with a counterpart. A collective display gives the customer a holistic and comprehensive understanding of the appearance of a given product. Thus, their inclination towards purchasing the product would also be strengthened.
  • As a smart entrepreneur of the 21st century, this part of human psychology can come in very handy to you. You can use this technique to influence the customers of your e-com website and boost your sales.
  • For example, instead of simply displaying a T-shirt, you can display it as a complete outfit using other products on your website. Thus, you provide the customers with a ready-made outfit and promote all the element products together.
  • The MageAnts team identified this sales hacks and has come up with a very practical extension that can help you with this. The MageAnts Look Book extension for Magento 2 is a very functional tool which can help you with this.
  • The best marketing extension
  • Customize looks
  • Create an interactive lookbook page.
  • Enhanced Shopping Experience
  • Increase Sales
  • Lookbooks are SEO-friendly, helping you get better search engine rankings.

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