Event Manager for Magento 2
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Compatible Magento Version 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4

Event Manager For Magento 2

Magento 2 Event Manager is an extension that enables you to create any upcoming events for your ecommerce store. With the extension, the admin can add images, videos, and content for the event and even sell tickets. Using this extension, you can inform the customers about upcoming events.

  • Add and manage online events easily
  • Show events to your visitors with necessary details such as contact information
  • Create a beautiful event calendar for upcoming events
  • List multiple events and set events view
  • Sell event tickets
  • Upload Images and videos for events
  • Create the perfect SEO optimized landing page for events
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How Does Magento 2 Event Management Extension Work?

After installing the Magento 2 Event Calendar, the store admin can easily manage the event and add events' details, and set a calendar for the customers. The admin also has the option to hide or show the event calendar on the online storefront. The events and their details can be easily entered using WYSIWYG or the HTML editor. Magento 2 Event Extension is a must-have module for store owners who host and schedule conferences, shows and events and want to promote it online in the fastest way possible.

Why Does Your Store Need an Event Calendar Magento 2 Extension?

You need to keep your customers excited about new products and services. So why not bring in events like product launches or small service tutorials for the customers. You can offer these events online and offline. As a result, bring in more customers, increase your audience, and can easily change the target audience into loyal customers while ensuring customer retention with Magento 2 Event Manager.

Why MageAnts

MageAnts Magento 2 Event Calendar Extension can easily be integrated into your online store website. You can use it to notify your customers about any upcoming events that will take place, either offline or online. If it is offline, give the description of the event with the geolocations. You can add multiple events with all the required information, images, and videos for your customers. You are good to bring in more visitors to your event in just a few steps.

At MageAnts, we have been providing a range of Magento services for years and have been able to satisfy our clients every single time.

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Current version no - 2.0.4
Date - 12/01/2024
Bug Fixes and Enhancement
==> When two simple products are added to one event ,increase the quantity of any product and click on "Add all to cart," but only a single quantity of the product is added to the cart.
==> On the event PDP page, when a single image is added in Gallery Images, a multiple-time image is displayed in the slider
==> Solved issue with dropdown options.
==> Solved issue of Pagination.

Current version no - 2.0.3
Date - 21/04/2023
Bug Fixes
==> Make Extension Compatible with Magennto version 2.4.6 with php8.1

Current version no - 2.0.2
Date - 19/01/2023
Bug Fixes
==> Tier price and special price added but not show there label
==> Configurable product's selected option price not change

Current version no - 2.0.1
Date - 10/11/2022
Coding Standard
==> MageAnts team makes Event Manager extension coding as per the Magento standards.

Current version no - 2.0.0
Date - 18/01/2022
New extension
==> MageAnts develops a new Event Manager extension which is working fine in all the Magento versions.

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