DNI (Document of National Identity) for Magento 2
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Compatible Magento Version 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4

DNI (Document of National Identity) For Magento 2

With Magento 2 Document of National Identity (DNI), Magento merchants can restrict and verify each customer's identity by validating the passport number on the checkout page at order time. This will also make your checkout process even more efficient and seamless.

  • Restrict customers from validating their DNI/passport identity on the checkout page.
  • Prove your customer’s real identity using a DNI or passport number.
  • Display DNI/Passport on the checkout page.
  • Display the DNI/Passport field in the shipping address of the invoice page, shipping page & credit memo page.
  • DNI/passport verification is only required once per customer.
  • DNI data display on order print, invoice print, and shipment print in frontend.
  • DNI data is displayed on the multi-order place page form, my account section, new shipping address form, billing address, multi-shipping section, etc in frontend.
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The process of authenticating a customer's identity is referred to as customer Verification. Verification can be done in multiple ways like address verification, email verification, age verification, phone verification, etc., which defines and confirms \ that a person is who they say they are.

The reason why customer verification is important is to prevent fraud. We all know how data breaches affect millions of users, therefore, a huge number of companies have released that to stay secure and to keep the data safe, they need to improve their customer verification process. That's where a Magento 2 Document of National Identity verification comes in.

This Document of National Identity Magento 2 allows the store backend to flexibly show customer identification in multiple places, such as on the checkout page, in the shipping address, in order details, and in the customer's account section. This helps e-commerce businesses authorize the accurate identification of all customers on the website. One customer can’t add multiple DNI/passports because they are unique for each customer.

How Does the Document of National Identity for Magento 2 Extension Work?

  • The Magento 2 Document of National Identity extension is easy to install and configure. It is used to identify and authenticate a user, restrict customers, protect their data, and manage product shipping.
  • Once customers add their verification details, they will be displayed on multiple pages and in some other specific sections like the checkout page, shipping address, billing address, invoice, order details, account section, credit memo page, etc. Also, customers can add only one DNI or passport detail, as it is unique for every customer. They are allowed to modify these details from a custom tab available in the "My Account" section of the front end.

Benefits of Magento 2 Document of National Identity

Below are listed some of the benefits of using the Magento 2 Document of National Identity Extension:

  • Providing you with an efficient and trusted system of verifying customers to avoid scams or fraud.
  • Seamless ecommerce experience with DNI/passport identity verification services for customers.
  • Build trust among your customers.
  • Enhance safety and drive more sales.
  • Reduce fraud and improve the customer experience with DNI verification solutions.

Why MageAnts

MageAnts Magento 2 Document of National Identity is a simple and helpful tool where Magento merchants can easily restrict each customer to providing and verifying the DNI/passport number on the checkout page at the time of purchasing an order.

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Why Does Your Store Need a Document of National Identity Extension for Magento 2?

When it comes to online shopping, it is essential that the customers are who they say they are. This is why many online retailers have begun implementing identity verification processes. These processes help protect both the customer and the retailer from fraudulent activities. One of the main benefits of implementing an identity verification process is that it helps to protect the retailer from fraudulent activities.

At checkout, many online stores require customers to provide identification in the form of a photo ID or a scan of a government-issued identification card. Identity verification can help protect online shoppers from being cheated or stolen. It also allows online stores to comply with regulations that require physical ID from certain customers, such as those who are purchasing high-value items.

With the Document of National Identity Magento 2 extension, you will have the customer’s verified identity. With that ID, you’re able to prove their shipping address. Also, restricting and verifying customers' IDs will help you manage and reduce risks at checkout.

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Current version no - 2.0.0
Date - 20/07/2023
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==> MageAnts team developed a new extension DNI (Document of National Identity) working with all Magento version.

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