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Magento 2 Spam and Bot Blocker by MageAnts is one of the must-have tools for your e-commerce store to identify malicious bots, block these bots and spam that are continuously crawling your store, and restrict fake registrations.
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Key Features of Spam and Bot Blocker:

  • Protects your site from spammers.
  • It can be work on Contact Us, Registration, or Newsletter.
  • emails from registering on your site.
  • Allows admins to add bot names to the bot list.
  • Displays an error message for further action.
  • You can avoid fake registrations on your site.
  • Restrict spammers for domain name, email, IP address, and length of first name.
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By default, Magento 2 provides Google reCAPTCHA, a tool designed to help protect websites from automated spam and malicious activity. Store owners need to be able to limit access to their sites from malicious programs like spam, bots, hackers, etc., and there is no need to compromise the security of their websites.


MageAnts Magento 2 Spam Bot Blocker Extension is the proven solution, as it helps to protect your Magento 2 store from malicious bots and spam and provides more security for your store by restricting spammers from harming your webstore. The extension is designed to block IP addresses, detect and block malicious traffic, and restrict fake registrations to your store.


Blocks spammers
Blocks bots
Restricts fake registrations
Blocks the registration mails


What is Magento 2 Spam and Bot Blocker?

Magento 2 Spam and Bot Blocker Extension is the proven solution to avoid spam bots in your store. It enables admin to block a specific user-agent string and unique IP address.

Can I block a particular email id for registration?

Yes, you can block a particular email id for registration.

Can I block multiple IP addresses for registration?

Yes, you can block multiple IP addresses by using ", "Comma separator.

Can I set a maximum limit of character for the first name filed in registration?

Yes, you can set a maximum limit of character for first name field in registration.

Can I block a particular domain for newsletter subscription?

Yes, you can block a specific domain for newsletter subscription.

Is it compatible with the latest version of Magento 2?

Yes, it is compatible with the newest version of Magento 2.


Customer 7 Reviews

This Extension by Mageants is excellent
star star star star star
Nice developed extension by Mageants. allows you to protect any of your forms from spambots.
| Posted On 07/24/2023
Work Perfectly
star star star star star
Your extensions are worth the money! Our shop had a surge of bot accounts. This plugin helped us a lot to stop them all in our shop. Work perfectly.
| Posted On 06/14/2023
Magento 2.4.X not supporting setup script
star star star star star
Magento 2.4.X not supporting setup script but this module having it so that needs to be converted into data path or db_schema.
I hope dev team check above mentioned points and do needful changes
| Posted On 06/13/2023
Flawless Module
star star star star star
The Mageants team developed this extension to be a flawless module. After installed and configured this Spam Blocker extension in our shop, we no longer receive fake accounts registration in our shop.
| Posted On 05/15/2023
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Change Log

Current Version Number : 2.0.7

Date : 28/06/2024

Compatible with Magento version 2.4.7

  • Mageants Team make extension compatible with magento version 2.4.7.

Current Version Number : 2.0.6

Date : 21/05/2024

Fix bug in in version 2.3.x-2.4.x & Compatible with Hyva Theme.

  • Mageants Team make extension compatible with hyva theme.
  • Issue in restricting domain and email with case insensitive.
  • Issue in restricting domain and email by ignoring space when separated by comma.
  • Issue in Newsletetr substription functionality.
  • Issue in success and error message display.

Current Version Number : 2.0.5

Date :05/10/2023

Bug solved

  • Issue in Newsletetr substription functionality when subscribe
  • Issue with admin configuration save functionality when admin changes the store view.
  • Make extension coding as per magento standard.

Current Version Number : 2.0.4

Date :15/05/2023

Bug fixed

  • MageAnts team make extension compatible with latest magento 2.4.6 version.

Current Version Number : 2.0.3

Date :16/02/2023

Bug fixed

  • MageAnts team makes this extension coding as per Magento coding standard.

Current Version Number : 2.0.2

Date : 02/02/2022

Bug fixed

  • Error Message doesn't appear in Magento2.4 version, Mageants team fixed this issue and make compatible with Magento2.4 version.
  • Display error when adding email which exists in spam and bot blocker list in magento2.3.3. This issue has been fixed and works fine in all the Magento versions.

Current Version Number : 2.0.1

Date :04/04/2019

Bug fixed

  • Newsletter Subscription is allowed to a blacklisted person when user sign up.

Current Version Number : 2.0.0

Date : 11/03/2019

Bug fixed

  • MageAnts update Spam and Bot Blocker extension in the latest Magento 2.3 version, Now extension working with all Magento version.

  • How To Block Spam And Bot In Magento 2?

  • How Does It Work?

  • Benefits of the Spam Bot Blocker Magento 2 Extension

  • Install spam and bot blocker Magento 2 extension in your store.
  • You can enable extension from store > Configuration > Mageants > Spam and bot blocker.
  • You can set other configuration as per your need and requirement.
  • Admin can restrict spam for newsletter, contact page and registration page.
  • Admin can add domain name, IP address, email list and length of first name for restrict.
  • Easily restrict specific domain, IP address, email and length of first name customer.
  • This free to use extension when added to your Magento web store will start blocking the spammers on its own thus preventing fake registrations and spammers from harming your web store. With its easy configurable functions, you can enable and disable things that you want or don’t want on your online store.
  • Prevents spam registrations.
  • Improves website security
  • Reduces the risk of malware attacks.
  • Enhances customer experience with improved site performance
  • Increases customer trust with improved website security
  • Improves website speed by blocking malicious bots
  • Provides real-time protection against malicious bots.
  • Automatically blocks malicious and suspicious IP addresses.
  • Improved SEO
  • Reduced Server Load

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