Spam and Bot Blocker

Spam and Bot Blocker for Magento 2

The risk of getting attacked is always there in online business, this is the reason why all online store owners stay alert and try to add as much security to the store as possible. One such and best security measure is Magento 2 Spam and Bot Blocker Extension, installing which will automatically block the spammers from doing any damage to your web store.

  • Protects your site from spammers

  • Blocks .ru emails from registering onto your site

  • Allows you to add bot names to the bot list

  • Displays error message for further action

  • Can block spamming functionality wise

  • Restrict spammers for domain name, email, ip-address and length of first name.

Magento 2.0.x - 2.3.X
  • 30-DAYS

  • 100%
    Open Source

  • FREE

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Spammers can do anything to get into your site among which fake registration is the most used method. And with our Magento 2 extension, you can restrict spam customers as well as fake customers by blocking their registration from IP, domain or email and keep your store safe and secure from them.

Blocks spammers
  • In order to restrict spam customers, this Magento 2 extension allows you to enable its power in each section of your website like newsletter, contact, registration etc.
  • Enter the list of the domain name, email id, IP address and the length of the first name and enable it to restrict spammers.
Blocks bots
  • It is an excellent bot blocker. Using the Spam and Bot Blocker functionality in this extension, you can enable or disable the bots. on our web store and prevent them from creating fake signups.
  • You can also add new bot names to the bot list and manage them as you want.
Restricts fake registrations
  • By showing error messages, you can avoid fake registrations to your site by blocking the spammers.
  • You can block their registration via IP by showing an error message. Follow the same to block registration from the domain names as well as email ids.
Blocks the registration of .ru mails r
  • Known as the most common spams in Magento 2 websites, spam registrations from email addresses are said to have affected numerous websites especially e-commerce websites.
  • By installing this extension, its .ru email blocking functionality will block .ru emails from hacking your site.

How does it work?

This free to use extension when added to your Magento web store will start blocking the spammers on its own thus preventing fake registrations and spammers from harming your web store. With its easy configurable functions, you can enable and disable things that you want or don’t want on your online store.

Magento 2 Customer Restrict Extension

Spamming can cost you a lot. It can break the trust of users as once they start receiving emails from your company even though they didn't register, they will block you forever. To prevent this from happening, MageAnts has specifically designed Magento 2 Customer Restrict Extension that keeps the spam bots and fake registrations at bay. With this extension, you get:

  • Free lifetime updates
  • 90 days of free support
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Quick Support

Why Needed

Spambots and fake signups can do a lot more damage to your website and your image than you can imagine. You might get happy seeing tons of new subscribers on your online store every day but without your knowledge, it's the small malignant programs – spam bots that might be attacking your website and pushing fake signups onto your contact list. This brings down your metrics as well as your business image down. To avoid all this, you need just one extension - Magento 2 Spam and Bot Blocker to be installed and configured on your online store then you will no longer have to worry about getting spammed.

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Excellent Support and Extension
Over all rating
I was really harassed by .ru spammers, Spam and Bot Blocker extension helped a lot to get rid of registration of spam account. Thanks MageAnts for your amazing support.
Review by Jerrell / (Posted on 9/28/2018)

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Change Log

Current version number: 2.0.1
Date :- 04/04/2019
Bug fixed
- Newsletter Subsciption is allowes to blacklisted person when user signup.

Current version number: 2.0.0
Date :- 11/03/2019
Bug fixed
--> MageAnts update Spam and bot blocker extension in latest magento2.3 version, Now extension working with all magento version.