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Custom Message For Magento 2

Communicate better with your e-commerce customers and make it more user-friendly and interactive using this extension.Customize the default website messages and make your website more optimized.

  • Completely control the display of the default messages on your website.

  • Choose the website locations where you need the messages to pop-up.

  • Control the attributes of the message text as well.

  • Select the message size, pop-up, colour, display, etc.

  • Comprehensively manage the display of your website messages

Magento 2.0.x - 2.3.X
  • 30-DAYS

  • 100%
    Open Source

  • FREE

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Communication is that inevitable aspect of our lives which cannot be eliminated no matter what. Every human interaction needs to be assisted with communication. Same goes with the interaction between a seller and a consumer. Physical world sellers have the upper-hand in this case. They can interact much more easily and conveniently than the virtual world sellers

However, using various tools, extensions and services can definitely help e-com merchants to better communicate with their existing or potential customers. The Mageants Custom Message extension for Magento 2 is one of these very interactive and functional tools that can help the sellers communicate more efficiently with their clients.

How to use This Extension
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1How to Enable The Extension
Go to Stores ==> Configuration ==> Mageants ==> CustomMessage ==> Select "yes" from Dropdown
2How to Change Position Of Custom Message
Go to Stores ==> Configuration ==> Mageants ==> CustomMessage ==> Change Option From Dropdown
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How does it work?

However, with the Mageants Custom Message extension for Magento 2, you receive an admin panel which helps you customize the design of messages. As a seller, you can modify the message, its colour, behaviour, size of the The default interface of Magento 2 allows the display of various error, warning, success, notice, etc. messages. These are generally pre-set by the Magento 2 software. Thus, the sellers have no control over design it easily. They are only allowed to choose the display events of these messages.

messages, etc.

Mageants Custom Message extension

The Mageants Custom Message extension is a 100% open source extension with a robust design and optimum functionality. By purchasing the Mageants Custom Message extension, the e-com sellers can avail:


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Thanks to MageAnts
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i bought free magento 2 custom message extension and without any issues installed and working fine on my site thanks to mageants Review by Daniel / (Posted on 10/8/2019)

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