After successful installation the extension its not working.

The extension has been tested on all the default theme if it's not working in your theme then you have customized the theme or installed third party theme.

Can I get user guide for an extension?

Yes you can download from extension product page and also you will get with extension package when you extract it .

Can I report bug and suggestion.

Bug reporting and suggestions are always welcome, we appreciate if you are participate to make the product better.

Installation of extension giving 404 error.

To over come 404 error after extension installation.

Is your extension 100% opensource ?

Yes our extension is 100 % open source.

What is refund policy ? how can I get my refund ?

We allow refund requests within 30 days of your purchase, provided the customer meets our refund policy criteria. Prior to receiving a refund, customers must seek support first. Refunds are not applicable after the 30-day period has expired. Additionally, we do not offer refunds for installation or other customized services. Please provide your transaction ID for us to process the refund.

What is your extension installation support timing.

If you have submitted tickets on working day (Monday-Friday) we will complete it in 24 or if you have submitted on sat-sunday

What should I do when I have purchased installation service.

Raise a ticket or contact us directly with your order No and we will install the extensions for you.

Which are the various payment methods you supports.

You can make your payment via Visa, Mastercard or other Credit Cards. you can pay via PayPal as well.

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