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Improve your online store's growth and productivity with MageAnts Magento extension development. We specialize in crafting tailor-made custom Magento 2 extensions, plugins, and modules. With a keen understanding of your business requirements, we ensure the development of standard extensions that seamlessly integrate and elevate your e-commerce platform.

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What is Magento Extension Development?

Magento extension development refers to constructing Magento extensions by skilled and certified developers, which involves crafting additional add-ons, plugins, and modules customized for a specific online store for improved search bar, fast checkout process, better product images, and descriptions, upgraded product recommendations, multichannel marketing, innovative payment methods, and other advanced technical capabilities.

Magento extensions function as modular components that augment the functionality and potential of your online store. Every component introduces fresh capabilities, whether it's streamlining product discovery by integrating external tools, creating add-ons to automate operations with ERP & CRM, or linking your store to Facebook for product presentation.

Benefits of Magento Custom Extension Development

Benefits of Magento Custom Extension Development
  • Improved Performance
  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Increased Sales and Conversion Rates
  • A New Set of Functionalities
  • Security
  • Site Optimization

Why Choose MageAnts for Magento Extension Development Services?

  • Expert Team

    MageAnts is a team of certified Magento 2 developers who create extensions that cover all the functionalities without making your site heavy. Our expert team also guides you if you are confused about what type of extensions your store requires to simplify the customer journey from awareness to conversion.

  • Quality Service

    There is no doubt that quality is the essence of our company's value, as we focus on customer satisfaction. For the past 9+ years, we have achieved a 98.9% customer satisfaction rate, the main share of which goes to our end-to-end quality services.

  • On-time Delivery

    The MageAnts team prides itself on its commitment to timely and cost-effective project deliveries. Our team of Magento extension development services is dedicated to working tirelessly, around the clock, to guarantee the timely completion of your project.

  • After Support

    MageAnts doesn’t just stop at the custom development of extensions; we extend our services to Magento maintenance and support services as well. We ensure the perpetual maintenance of your website to align seamlessly with the newest iteration of Magento.

Reasons to Choose MageAnts for Magento Extension Development Services

Our Magento Extension Development Services

  • Custom extension development

    The Magento configuration is based on the layout of XML files. This gives developers major liberty when it comes to customization of the module extensions. But it also makes this a highly specialized task. Our technicians have expertise in this field and can easily create highly customized extensions to fulfill your requirements.

  • Magento extension integration

    A variety of Magento extensions can help you build a highly functional website. Our experts provide step-by-step assistance for all sorts of Magento extension integrations for our customers. This includes theme integration, shipping extension integration, and payment gateway integration.

  • Magento extension upgradation

    Bug fixes, new features, higher compatibility, etc. encompass the role of Magento extension upgrades. This process requires a solid knowledge of Magento since there are various steps involved in the upgrade process. It includes tasks like backward compatibility, design changes, database upgradation, etc., which can be tedious and risky for a non-techie. That is why our Magento experts ensure reliable upgrades to the extensions for your website.

  • Magento extension troubleshooting

    Cache build-up, syncing issues, improper customer segmentation, conflicts, payment failure or improper charging, wrong shipping and tax calculations, and many other functionality issues with your Magento extensions need immediate troubleshooting. If not addressed, these minor issues might end up creating massive havoc on your website. Our Magento extension development experts are even trained and specialized in dealing with all such problems.

  • Magento payment gateway extension

    Whether you decide to integrate a payment gateway extension available in the market or you opt to create a customized payment gateway, you need to ensure that the extension is secure, bug-free, and free from threats for collecting payments. But with our experts at your service, you don’t need to worry about the customization or integration of these payment gateways.

Our Magento Custom Extension Development Process

MageAnts Magento Custom Extension Development Process
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What Our Customer's Say


This extension made easier work for our wholesale customer to do order online on our store ! Offline process becomes online process ! thanks mageants team

Rob Walker


Works exactly as extension description got an issue with installing this extension and they provide great support to install and make it work exactly way we wanted !

Mike Mahmoud


This extension helps me in increasing sales of my store. Customers take the advantage of viewing related products of their preferred products. So, they tend to buy those products also. Which boost my sales. Thank you.


Co Founder

This extension provides optional functionality of manually adding related products are automatically adding based on condition. So, we can have options as per our choice. Great attributes of this extension.

Bozena Jandova


This extension is so easy to operate. Its configurations are very simple and easy to understand. It works quickly and we can have the choice of adding related products which is very impressive for us.



Highly Recommended ! found this extension really handy for my website. Once I add the details, the extension works perfectly. No mistakes. No errors. Perfect work.

Imelda Lobel


Due to this extension my store customers easily check for their preferred size product. Admin can also manage the data from the backend. Great features with easy installation. These people provide better facilities along with best extension.

Claire Bonsaint

Co Founder

This extension is best to show size chart of wearable products so, customers can easily get their preferred size. As customers insert category and size they will be shown size chart as per their selected size. These people provide best extension.Thank you

Zurie Lanteigne


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