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Delete account For Magento 2

Just as a customer can easily create an account in your Magento store, allow them to easily delete their account permanently as well by adding Magento 2 Delete Account Extension into your online store.

  • Allow your users to remove their account from your store

  • Provide them with the two-phase account deletion process

  • Allow your customers to delete their account details as well permanently from your store

  • Send confirmation email to the users for their account deletion

  • Compatible with all Magento 2 versions

Magento 2.0.x - 2.3.X
  • 30-DAYS

  • 100%
    Open Source

  • FREE

Magento Certified Developers

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Additional Information

For any online store, a customer has to create an account first to enjoy a good shopping experience but what about when a user wants to delete the account? As per the GDPR compliance, as a user can delete its account any time as and when required, Magento 2 Delete Customer Account extension helps the user do the same securely. A customer has no longer to request or wait for the admin to delete it as with this extension, it can be done on your own.

Configure email templates
  • Magento 2 delete all customers allows the store admin to set up the custom confirmation email to be sent to the user when requesting to delete the account.
  • It also allows you to configure notification email to be sent to the admin upon successful deletion of the account.
Send confirmation mail
  • Magento 2 Delete Account extension ensures that the customer’s account gets deleted completely and securely hence it seeks confirmation of the user first.
Email Verification
  • Upon submitting the confirmation to delete the account, a confirmation link is sent to the email registered with the user’s account.
Permanent removal of account
  • Magento 2 Delete Customer Account extension sends the above message to the user’s registered email id
  • Only after confirming this by the user, will the account be deleted once and for all.
Notification of account deletion
  • The customer will receive a notification message confirming that their account has been permanently deleted from the Magento store.

How does this work?

Magento 2 Delete Account extension makes it easy for customers to permanently delete their account from a Magento store without the need to request or wait for the store admin to do so. It asks for confirmation of the user by sending a mail to their registered id and once the users confirm, the account and all other personal details of the user is removed from the store and the user gets a notification in the mail confirming the deletion of their account.

MageAnts Magento 2 Delete Customer Account extension

Easy to configure, 100% open source and very user-friendly Magento 2 Delete Customer Account extension by MageAnts comes with other perks as well that a customer can benefit from other than account deletion such as

  • Free lifetime updates
  • 90 days free support
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Quick Support

Why Needed

A customer has all the right to delete any user account made on a Magento store. But, for both the store admin and the user itself, the process of deleting an account can become a headache. As a solution to which, Magento 2 Delete All Customers Account is a must-have extension to make the process easier and simpler. A customer can delete his/her account anytime with this extension implemented onto your Magento store. Hence, as a store admin neither you have to take requests for account deletion and approve it not the customer has to wait for it.

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