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The Magento 2 RMA extension enables merchants to take care of product returns, exchanges, and cancellations efficiently. By using this extension, you can simplify the process of requesting and tracking product return requests. This can immensely improve your turnaround time and enable you to enhance your customer service levels.
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Key Features of RMA:

  • Set various conditions and milestones for a return request, exchange, and authorization.
  • Manage various aspects, like reasons, package conditions, resolutions, delivery status, RMA status, etc.
  • Allow customers to place one or multiple return requests at a time.
  • Admin and customers can comment on the return requests.
  • Allow RMA for any order status and time periods after the order is placed (days).
  • Notify on every event to customer and admin via email
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In the default settings of Magento 2, customers are not able to create a request if there is an issue with their order, such as receiving the wrong item, poor quality, defective item, or damaged item.


MageAnts Magento 2 RMA extension helps customers and store owners easily create and manage RMA requests. It allows customers to initiate a return request for products they have purchased and provides a streamlined process for merchants to manage these requests. It helps to improve the customer experience and increase customer satisfaction by simplifying the return process and providing a seamless return experience.


Great flexibility in setting milestones and conditions for returns
Create multiple RMA requests for guest users.
RMA requests per item
Easily configure the properties.
Return reasons and request management
Email template configuration for RMA
RMA comment for admins and customers
RMA policy configuration from the backend


What is RMA?

Magento 2 Return Merchandise Authorization extension helps store owners to handle product returns and exchange request from your customers. The return procedure becomes clear and easy for both customer and store owner, with this extension.

Can RMA extension work in the guest user feature?

Yes, we have set the separate configuration for guest users. If you enable it to form a setting, it will work; otherwise, it will disable.

Can I specify a return period?

Yes, you can set a return period.

Can I set various reasons for return?

Yes, you can add your right for return.

Can I set an email to send to the customer for RMA?

Yes, you can send an RMA email to the customer.

Is it possible to add a comment when the customer returns the product?

Yes, the customer, as well as admin, can add a comment.

What RMA stands for in Magento 2?

RMA stands for Return Merchandise Authorization in Magento 2.

How do you create an RMA?

You can create RMA after the order is delivered to you. Login into your account from frontend, and you can create RMA for a particular product.

How do I use RMA in Magento 2?

Store owners can install and use Magento 2 RMA extension so that your customer can easily return or exchange products.

How do I return a Magento 2 order?

Allow your customers to return products with RMA Magento 2. After your order is delivered to your customer, then they can return your order with any specific reason.

Why is RMA important?

RMA is a significant process between customer and store owner to easily exchange or return products with standard workflow rules. It is significant for both customers and retailers as it is part of reliable customer services and delivering better shopping experiences.


Customer 12 Reviews

Great Extension!!
star star star star star
The module not only simplifies the return & exchange request management but also improves customer loyalty and retention. Overall great Module!
| Posted On 07/04/2023
Very helpful
star star star star star
My customers are also very happy with it. It makes managing return requests so seamless and comes with a variety of useful features. It also helped me improve the overall UX in my store.
| Posted On 06/01/2023
Very easy to configure
star star star star star
We are using this magento Plugin on our website it fantastic and very easy to use and configure. It works with other plugins too. They can basically create or process returns with a few clicks.
| Posted On 05/01/2023
Fantastic team
star star star star star
Easy setup! Support team was fantastic to work with, very responsive and helpful.
| Posted On 10/04/2018
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Change Log

Current Version Number : 2.0.6

Date : 07/06/2024

Compatible with Hyva Theme and Magento version 2.4.7

  • MageAnts team make extension compatible with latest magento 2.4.7 version.
  • Make this extension compatible with Hyva theme.

Current Version Number : 2.0.5

Date : 30/06/2023

Compatible with 2.4.6

  • Mageants Team make extension compatible with magento version 2.4.6.

Current Version Number : 2.0.4

Date :11/10/2022

Coding standard

  • MageAnts team makes this extension coding as per the Magento coding standards.

Current Version Number : 2.0.3

Date :05/10/2021

Bug fixed

  • RMA delivery status and additional info fields appear now in Magento2.4.2 version. - https://nimb.ws/OjrfNc, MageAnts team resolved issue.

Current Version Number : 2.0.2

Date :27/05/2020

Bug Fixed

  • MageAnts add new functionality in RMA extension now RMA extension working for guest user(Not login customer group) also, Extension working fine in all Magento version.

Current Version Number : 2.0.1

Date :09/03/2019

Bug Fixed

  • MageAnts update RMA extension in latest magento2.3 version, Now extension working with all Magento version.
  • Update module version name in composer.json file same as module.xml file.
  • When we request for new RMA then display all product details, but problem in product price every time product price display 0, so now this issue fixed. → http://nimb.ws/LBphDi
  • When we click on RMA then list of RMA display, but I have many RMA request but see message like "You do not any RMA request list" means requested RMA not display, now issue are fixed and request RMA display. → http://nimb.ws/GaeV74
  • when we submit comment from backend then display error message and page redirect to another page also we do not add comment from backend, now we add comment from backend it's working fine, now issue are fixed. → http://nimb.ws/FVEgDP
  • User fill details for request RMA and submit the form from frontend then request for RMA not working and error display, Now user request for RMA is working fine now solve the issue. → http://nimb.ws/X3Ubtm
  • when we request for new RMA then we select order NO from dropdown then submit the RMA Form, but we already select order NO from dropdown and click on submit then also message display like this "Please select a product to request RMA", Now issue are fixed. → http://nimb.ws/Ec2Wxy
  • When we click on add new package condition from backend then new section not open. Now fixed and working fine. → http://nimb.ws/DmqGTW
  • Solve the page cache issue for comment and RMA list on then customer dashboard.
  • We Differentiate RMA extension for Magento2.1. X and Magento2.2. X. because we're facing data UN serialize and serialize problem.
  • When save any data in backend then not display any message so user not understood what happen Data Save or not, now we submit anything then message display properly so user easily understand.

  • How To Enable RMA Magento 2?

  • How Does Magento 2 Product Return RMA Work?

  • Why Does Your Store Need Magento 2 RMA Extension?

  • Benefits of RMA Magento 2 Extension

  • Install RMA Magento 2 extension in your store.
  • You can enable extension from store --> Configuration --> Mageants --> RMA.
  • You can set other configuration as per your need and requirement.
  • Admin can create RMA option from configuration.
  • After place order, customer can generate RMA if not satisfied with product.
  • Customer fill the form and request for RMA.
  • Admin received the request of customer and give solution of problem.
  • All communication work with emails.
  • The Magento 2 Returns and Exchanges (RMA) Extension is designed to help Magento 2 store owners with the product returns and exchange for their website. While returning merchandise is very helpful for the customers of concern, it can be an exhilarating task for the sellers.
  • While customers need access to such options, sellers have to regulate these activities to stay protected from frauds or losses. That is why sellers have to design certain milestones and settings which would help them regulate these activities. The extension helps them set these conditions as well as manage the return requests.
  • Customer satisfaction is the only factor for online shopping that doesn’t live up to its potential.They can exchange products by visiting the physical store, but online E-com sites do not provide this functionality. Hence, to nullify this drawback, one must use the Magento 2 RMA module, which dispenses the customer to return their product.
  • This extension does not only bestow appraisals to the customer the Magento return and exchange suppliers spectrum enriches client knowledge. Here is the question that arises is how to sanction a product exchange request. The answer lies in the extension only, which provides product return functionality that superintends returns and exchange.
  • The customer can also return only one product, which will head on to reform the brand loyalty. Not just economically, Magento 2 product return management is an inordinate component that even manages multiple product returns efficiently. Returns have always been a factor to worry about the supplier as dealing with it is not less than a headache, but it is not going to be a walk in the park with the help of this module.
  • Build trust and strong relationships with customers.
  • Build the store's reputation.
  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Streamlined return process
  • Improved efficiency and productivity

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