Product Reviews Import Export for Magento 2
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Compatible Magento Version 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4

Product Reviews Import Export For Magento 2

Migrating all your website data to a new platform can be quite a tiresome task. Especially when it comes to product reviews, things can get complicated. Use the MageAnts Import Export Customer Review Extension to perform this task simply.

  • Export all the product reviews from your old website.
  • Import the reviews to your new website easily.
  • Perform the complete task using a simple CSV file.
  • Import/Export other relevant information as well.
  • Import/Export Product Details and Customer Details with reviews.
  • Use all the features with a simple design.
  • View Magento 2 Product Reviews Extension.
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How to import/export product reviews in Magento 2?

  • Install Product review import export Magento 2 extension in your store.
  • Go to Product review import export --> Import customer review for import.
  • Add your CSV file and click on submit for import review.
  • Go to Product review import export --> Export customer review.
  • Check then checkbox of export with customer details and click on submit.
  • Export all product review in CSV file.
  • Export magento1 product review and import with magento2.

How Does This Work?

This Magento 2 Product Reviews Import Export extension has a simple design. It is made for the convenience of e-com store sellers. When you migrate your website to a new platform, you can use the extension to import and export all your product reviews.

All you need to do is go to your old website and export all the required reviews in a CSV file. You can also choose what other information you need to export. Then go to your new website and choose the option of uploading this file. The Magento 2 Import Reviews extension would automatically update all the reviews that you have chosen to the relevant products.

MageAnts Import Export Customer Review Extension

When making purchases on e-com websites, customers usually look out for product reviews from other customers. Product reviews act as one of the most useful and credible sources for new clients of a website. That is why, as an e-com store owner, you should always focus on gathering more and more customer reviews and displaying them appropriately. This can act as a very fruitful tool for attracting new customers to your website.

However, there is one major problem that sellers often face while displaying reviews. When you upgrade your website to a new platform or theme, importing the customer reviews can be quite troublesome. Plus, you don’t just need to import the reviews, you also need to import the details of the customer who has written them and the product for which the reviews are written. This can be a time-consuming and tiring task. But you cannot even let go of the important customer reviews just because it is tiring. You have to maintain your value and impression in front of the customers with reviews.

To solve this problem of yours, the MageAnts team has come up with the MageAnts product reviews import export for Magento 2 extension. Using this extension, you can easily export all the customer reviews and the required details from your old website and import them into the new one.

Why Needed

E-com store owners have a lot of many things to manage when it comes to their stores. Unlike brick and mortar sellers, e-com sellers don’t just have to take care of the product catalogs and their marketing. They even have to manage the shipping and payment methods for various customers. Since e-com sellers deal with many types of customers, they have to ensure that they are all provided with proper shipping and payment methods. This comes as an added burden to them and asks for a lot of their time.

E-com sellers have different customer groups who have different requirements. According to these varying requirements, appropriate shipping and payment methods need to be provided as well. Manually entering the required modes of shipping and payment can be a tiring task. It asks for a lot of your time which you would ideally spend on other more important tasks.

In order to solve this problem of the Magento 2 e-com sellers, we have come up with the MageAnts Customer Group Based Shipping and Payment Method Extension for Magento 2. This extension helps sellers to choose shipping and payment method per customer group for Magento 2. Thus, instead of manually entering the requirements every single time, sellers can use the automated function of this extension.

What is Magento 2 Product Review Import-Export?

Magento 2 Product Review Import Export extension helps store admin to import and export reviews and other information in the CSV file. With this, you can export customer reviews with related products and import all the product reviews using the CSV file.

Can I export a review from my Magento version 2.2.4 and import it into the Magento version 2.3.3?

Yes, you can export a survey from Magento2.2.4 and import it into 2.3.3.

How to introduce my review on my new website?

You can easily introduce your review using the CSV file.

How do I export a product review in Magento 2?

You can export product review from Import export product review --> Export product review.

How do I import and export items in Magento 2?

You can export product review from Import export product review --> Import product review.

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Current version number: 2.0.4
Date :- 15/05/2023
Bug fixed
--> MageAnts team make extension compatible with latest magento 2.4.6 version.

Current version number: 2.0.3
Date :- 16/02/2023
Coding Standard
--> MageAnts team makes this extension coding as per Magento coding standard.

Current version number: 2.0.2
Date :- 26/02/2022
Solved Bugs
==> When admin trying import any csv file which is not compatible with import export product review extension format then it's show report error in backend. MageAnts team resolved the issue in all the Magento versions.

Current version number: 2.0.1
Date :- 30/11/2021
Solved Bugs
==> MageAnts updated the Product Import Export Review extension in latest magento 2.4 version. Now extension works fine with all the Magento versions.

Current version number: 2.0.1
Date :- 09/03/2019
Solved Bugs
==> MageAnts updated the Product Import Export Review extension in latest magento 2.3 version. Now extension works fine with all the Magento versions.

Current version number: 2.0.1
Date :- 14/09/2018
Solved Bugs
==> Updated the module version name in composer.json file same as module.xml file.
==> When user imported reviews using Csv file then Special character review didn't import using Csv file. This issue is solved in version number 2.0.1.

Version number: 2.0.0
Date :- 13/08/2018
Solved Bugs
==> Error occured when user imported reviews if there are no reviews. This is fixed.

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