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The Magento 2 360 Product View extension helps store owners display product images at a 360-degree angle. Attract customers by providing a small virtual tour of the product and allowing them to rotate images from every possible angle and quickly make a purchase decision.
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Key Features of 360 Product Images:

  • Hyvä Compatible.
  • Display 360-degree product images in your store.
  • Add a separate 360-degree view for every product.
  • Provide a better 360-degree view by customizing height and width.
  • Import the 360 images via a CSV file.
  • Responsive on all devices.
  • Working with simple and configurable products.
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By default, Magento 2 does not allow store owners to include a 360-degree view of a product on its product page.


MageAnts Magento 2 360 product view extension provides a solution for all store owners to increase sales conversion rates by showcasing the 360-degree view of products to their customers.

This will make the website more interactive and user-friendly and allow customers to virtually spin product images and get a closer look at the product from every angle. This helps customers get a better view of the product before making a purchase decision, thereby improving the customer experience and potentially increasing sales.


Make your products extra reliable with 360 product images.
Enable or disable the extension.
Separate 360-degree view for each product.
Adjust the height and width of the 360-degree view.
Set animation effects and speed
Import the 360 images via a CSV file.
Fully Responsive
Work with simple and configurable products.
Frontend View


What is Magento 2 Product 360 Images?

Magento 2 Product 360 Images extension, allows you to host and display product images on your website in 3-dimensional ways. By integrating multiple images in a proper sequence, you can enable customers to have a look at the products.

Can I add 360 images separately on each product?

Yes, you can add 360 images per product.

Do you provide any feature to upload images using the CSV file?

Yes, we have many features to upload product images using CSV file.

Is it work with mobile responsiveness?

Yes, Product 360 images work with mobile responsiveness.

Is it possible to add multiple images or single images?

Yes, you can add multi images and a single image.

What is a 360 product viewer in Magento 2?

360 Product View is an extension for the store owners who want to show their Products with 360 degree view. Visitors can see products with 360 angles and that gives more chances to sell products. Magento 2 360 product view helps visitors to view the actual product without the physical appearance of the product.

How to configure a 360 degree view to the Product?

Admin can add 360 product views to images from the backend. Catalog --> Product --> Edit product 360 view and add product 360 images.


Customer 14 Reviews

star star star star star
The 360 product images extension help me to showcase a 360-degree view of the product images. This extension is how we can boost up our sales by satisfying our customers to the maximum extent. Great job!!
| Posted On 08/14/2023
Very nice functional module
star star star star star
The 360 product images extension working like charm on my store. This extension functionality is very nice for my product. I can easily set this extension configuration.
| Posted On 06/21/2023
Quick Support
star star star star star
I bought 360 Product image extension and i found some compatibility issue, I got support for them and they resolved the problem quickly, responsive and professional, I highly recommend it.
| Posted On 05/23/2023
Great Support
star star star star star
I was having problem with custom layout of the specific version of the module. The team reacted so fast for 2 days they fix my problem. Thanks guys perfect support!
| Posted On 04/29/2023
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Change Log

Current Version Number : 2.1.1

Date :21/04/2023

Bug fixed

  • MageAnts team make extension compatible with latest magento 2.4.6 version.
  • Make extension compatible with Hyva Theme.

Current Version Number : 2.1.0

Date : 21/09/2022

Bug fixed

  • MageAnts team makes this extension compatible with the Magento coding standard.

Current Version Number : 2.0.9

Date :26/11/2021

Bugs Fixed

  • When admin created a new product360 images for product and clicked on save, it threw an error in Magento version2.4.3. MageAnts team fixed this issue and make compatible with Magento version2.4.3.

Current Version Number : 2.0.8

Date :05/10/2020


  • MageAnts team make a new enhancement in Product 360 Images extension now admin can also set product 360 views in Configurable simple product also, working fine in All Magento version.
  • MageAnts 360 Product Images extension not compatible with Magento2.4 version, MageAnts Team resolved issue and make a compatible with all Magento version.

Current Version Number : 2.0.7

Date :09/07/2020

Bug fixed

  • MageAnts 360 Product Images extension not compatible with Magento2.3.5-P1 version, MageAnts Team resolved the issue and make a compatible with All Magento version.

Current Version Number : 2.0.6

Date :16/03/2020

Bug fixed

  • When a user clicks on the switch to 360 view button at that time the product page is scroll down, MageAnts fixed the issue in all Magento versions it's working fine.

Current Version Number : 2.0.5

Date :25/02/2020

Bug fixed

  • Product 360 Images is not showing mobile responsive, iPad and iPad Pro.
  • When edit new product 360 then it's display error in Magento 2.3.3 version MageAnts solve issue and make compatible with Magento 2.3.3.

Current Version Number : 2.0.4

Date :09/10/2019

Bug fixed

  • When user edit any 360 product then product 360 tab design not display proper in only Magento 2.3.2 version. Issue fixed and working fine.

Current Version Number : 2.0.3

Date :11/04/2019

Bug fixed

  • When user upload multiple image for Product 360 Images extension then it's not upload from backend.
  • When user update Product 360 Images using CSV file then it's not updated in Magento 2.3 version.
  • When user click on save and edit continue without uploading Product 360 Images then save not working, all issue fixed and working fine in all Magento version.

Current Version Number : 2.0.2

Date :08/01/2019

Bug fixed

  • We enhanced our Product 360 extension with a functionality which will make extension more effective and easy to use. Now Product 360 extension will also work with CSV file.
  • Admin can import CSV file from backend in import section.

Current Version Number : 2.0.1

Date :11/07/2018

Bug fixed

  • When user delete 360 Product Images from product list page then display 404 not found page, now this issue fixed.
  • When user change anything in backend after click on Save and edit continue then page redirect to product list page. So this issue also fixed.
  • When first time we create 360 products then edit some information and update this then change not reflect in frontend side, so this issue also fixed now.

  • How To Set 360 Product View In Magento 2?

  • How Does Magento 2 3d Product Viewer Work?

  • Why Do You Need 360 Degree Product View In Magento 2?

  • Benefits of the 360 Product Images Magento 2 Extension

  • Install 360 Product view extension in your store.
  • You can enable it from Store > Configuration > MageAnts > 360 Product images.
  • You can set other configurations as per your need and requirement.
  • Go to Catalogue > Product and edit any product where you want to set product 360 (Edit with product 360).
  • Set product 360 images setting and add your product 360 images.
  • Then go to frontend and open your product.
  • You can find the product 360 images button on the product detail page.
  • You can view product 360 images on the product detail page.
  • The focus of an efficient entrepreneur is always on customer convenience and satisfaction. This not only promotes sales, but also helps to establish trust. If you are an eCommerce store owner, you are very well aware of how products images are important. How about showing them in a 360 view? This is why Magento 2 Product 360 view is a must-needed feature for any online seller. Follow our how-to install Magento 2 extension guides to easily enable the extension on your store and configure all the necessary settings.
  • Business is a game of tactics. If you want to run a business successfully, keep your customers happy. You can do whatever your customer likes, for example, if he wishes to view a product before buying it, show it to him. He might buy a better product once he checks out what he is buying.
  • A brick and mortar seller can show all of his products to his customers in their hands before they purchase them. A customer can have a comprehensive look at the product and well understand his/her preferences. However, in the world of technology, the e-commerce market just has the facility to display 2D images. Looking at a thing physically and glancing at its 2D pictures are two very different things.
  • Team MageAnts has developed a useful tool to provide a better shopping experience. This 360 view image rotator allows you to take 3d pictures of the product which you are selling and upload them to your site. By doing so, your customers can view it up to their satisfaction and then buy the product. This is how you can boost up your sales by satisfying your customers to the maximum extent..
  • Satisfaction with the customer before purchase
  • Build trust with the customer.
  • Simple and powerful
  • Advanced product viewing
  • Trigger customer interest with interactive product views.
  • Increase customer engagement and sales conversion rates.

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