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Magento 2 Store Credit extension is a powerful tool that allows store owners to automate the store’s credits and refund process through virtual credits. Customers can easily manage and redeem their store credit balance online or in-store to save time and money.
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Key Features of Store Credit :

  • It is easy to add and subtract store credit.
  • Admin can check the customer's store credit history.
  • Customers can see store credit balances and refund histories.
  • Customers can use the store credit amount on the checkout page.
  • Customers can apply for store credit on the tax.
  • Automatically email notifications to customers for any changes in their store credit balance.
  • Increase sales by giving credits to customers.
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By default, Magento 2 does not have an option that allows store administrators to give customers store credits for their purchases. This means that store owners cannot offer such credits to customers to encourage them to purchase from their store. This can be a disadvantage for store owners, as providing store credits to customers can help increase sales and revenue.


MageAnts Magento 2 Store Credit extension allows store owners to provide customers with credit points for their refunds. It helps to convert the order refund into revenue with virtual credits, which can be used by customers in their future purchases.

Store credit can be used as a payment method for items in the store, allowing customers to pay for their purchases with store credit instead of real money. This will simply help create new sales opportunities and boost sales revenue.


Enable and disable module functionality.
Easily add and subtract store credit.
Admin can check the customer's store credit history.
Easy to check the order invoice with store credit
Customers can see store credit balances and refund histories.
Customers can use the store credit amount on the checkout page.
Easy to display store credit amount in order credit memo
Notify buyers about their store credit balance.


What is store credit in Magento 2?

Magento 2 Store Credit is one of the best tool to build customer loyalty and turn refunds or exchanges into new purchases with the help of virtual store credits. Store credit is a value that you offer to the customers for any online purchase they make through your website and now wish to exchange or return.

How do I get a refund on Magento 2?

Magento 2 store refund extension is exclusively made for the store owners who want to Automated refund system when the customer cancelled the order.

What can I do with store credit?

You can use your store credit at the time of order in the checkout page, and place the order easily.

Is store credit the same as gift card?

No, they're not the same. A gift card is a type of prepaid debit card purchased by customers for others or themselves, and it is loaded with funds for future purchases. Store credit is issued to you when you return or exchange products to the store. Credits get added to your account and instead of a refund in cash, you will have to purchase something of those credits in future.

How do I get store credits in Magento 2?
  • Install store credit Magento 2 in your store.
  • You can enable it from store --> Configuration --> MageAnts --> store credit.
  • You can set other configurations as per your need and requirement.
  • After opening any particular customer store credit amount.
  • Then go to frontend and add a product to the cart.
  • On the checkout page, you can apply store credit to deduct the amount from a cart.
  • You can easily place an order with store credit.
  • In case of a cancelled order, the customer can get the amount in the store credit account.
  • Allow customers to spend their store credits on a future purchase.


Customer 8 Reviews

Works Perfectly
star star star star star
This Extension works fine on our site. allows me to edit the credit balance of customers. Thanks Mageants..
| Posted On 08/01/2023
Great Extension
star star star star star
This is a great extension. This extension helped me offer to quicken my refunds process on my store. I appreciate it.
| Posted On 06/19/2023
Perfect Working.
star star star star star
Just installed at and right from there it done its job. Developing this extension was one of the great things this team has done. The extension works great as described. It is a lot easier now to manage and track customer credits.
| Posted On 05/18/2023
star star star star star
A wonderful module, easy to install and does the job just right! very easy to configure, enables manual transactions and ability to refund orders using Store Credit.
| Posted On 03/01/2023
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Change Log

Current Version Number : 2.0.2

Date : 15/05/2023

Bug fixed

  • MageAnts team make extension compatible with latest magento 2.4.6 version.

Current Version Number : 2.0.1

Date :15/11/2022

Coding Standard

  • MageAnts team makes this extension coding as per magento coding standard.

Current Version Number : 2.0.0

Date : 13/10/2020

New extension

  • MageAnts develop new Store Credit extension working fine in all Magento version.

  • How To Handle Offline Magento 2 Refund Requests?

  • How Does Store Credit Magento 2 Extension Work?

  • Full Features Of Magento 2 Store Credit Extension

  • Why Does Your Store Need Store Credit And Refund For Magento 2?

  • Benefits of the Store Credit Magento 2 Extension

  • You can generate refund requests from the admin panel.
  • Go to orders from sales > Order.
  • Open particular order to generate refund request.
  • At the top bar(Header), you can find the credit memo URL.
  • Click on it and open the refund request page.
  • Go to the particular refund section and confirm your refund shipping, adjustment, and fee.
  • Click on it and generate your refund offline.
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  • This Store Credit module allows making your customers more satisfied with their shopping and enables store owners to get more orders. By installing this Magento 2 store credit, store owners can convert refunds into credits within a fraction and save their time. And yes, if your customer is satisfied with their purchase, they can use their credit to pay for the next purchase. So, one of the most beneficial features is that you can give the customer any amount of credit, and then they can utilize their credits all at the same time while ordering the product.
  • Enable and Disable the module
  • Enable/Disable store credit balance updates email
  • Allow/Disallow refunding store credit products
  • Select email template to send a notification
  • Add custom store amount to enhance customer loyalty
  • Select contact for reply
  • Add or subtract store credit values
  • Track customer’s refund and store credit amount
  • Allow/Disallow customers to generate Magento 2 refund requests
  • Notify customers about their store credit balance update
  • Allow/Disallow applying for store credit on tax
  • Check store credit amount for specific order invoice
  • Allow/Disallow using for store credit on shipping
  • View, create customer’s credit transaction with the help of grid
  • Store credit Magento 2 helps store owners to update credit balance quickly and at the same time, it encourages customers to place more orders. This extension enables store owners to enhance financial relations with customers and simplifies working with customers' bank accounts.
  • Store owners can manually update the current customer balance by adding or subtracting the specific number of credit points. It helps to offer a remarkable shopping experience to potential buyers so that customers can easily use the same credits to buy products on the website.
  • Who doesn’t like free gifts? Magento 2 Free Gift extension allows admin to offer free gifts to their customers with particular product purchases. Free gift products will automatically be added to the user’s cart and even customers can choose their gift on the cart page.
  • Boost sales with seamless gift card experiences of Magento 2 using the Gift Cards module. Sell gift cards as a separate product and drive more traffic to your website and even to physical stores if you have.
  • Sample Product for Magento 2 allows customers to order sample products for trial with restricted amounts and sizes before purchasing the actual product.
  • Credit report
  • Time-Saving
  • A better and enhanced shopping experience
  • Flexible payment process using store credits for the next purchase.
  • Helping to keep customers loyal to your store
  • This module improves sales and boosts customer engagement.
  • Store credit is a solution that can be used as a promotional and marketing tool, as it allows customers to use store credits for future purchases.
  • Boost the ROI of your e-commerce business.

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