Custom Stock Status for Magento 2
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Compatible Magento Version 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4

Custom Stock Status For Magento 2

Magento 2 Custom Stock Status extension is an effective solution that helps store owners display custom messages about the stock availability of the product. With this module, store owners can quickly grab the customer’s attention and influence purchasing decisions by showing appropriate stock status.

  • Create unlimited custom stock status.
  • Assign stock statuses to products, either automatically or manually.
  • Create attractive stock status icons.
  • Display flexible quantity-based Magento 2 stock statuses.
  • Custom stock status working with all types of Magento 2 products.
  • Display expected stock of availability date and time for out of stock products
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How Does Custom Stock Status Work In Magento 2?

  • Install Custom stock status Magento 2 extension in your store.
  • You can enable extension from store --> Configuration --> Mageants --> Custom stock status.
  • You can set other configurations as per your need and requirement.
  • Create custom stock status rules and status from Stores --> Product.
  • Manage quantity range from custom stock status rules.
  • Admin can add custom stock status and catchy icons of the products.
  • Custom stock status works automatically if select enable quantity based stock status from product.
  • Admin can add status like Back in stock, Free shipping, Available tomorrow, coming soon, back order, On sale, Special price, Quantity left, etc.
  • In the frontend it shows in Category page, Product page, checkout, backend order page, frontend order page, emails.

How Does Magento 2 Custom Stock Status Work?

Custom Stock Status extension for Magento 2 is handy in grabbing customer attention and providing the customer with a better shopping experience by displaying the appropriate information. It allows you to display specific statuses per your stock availability and needs and create unlimited, customizable statuses and easily assign them to different products, either manually or automatically. It will help your Magento store to optimize your stock management efficiently. Customers who have subscribed can get stock alerts on a timely basis once the product comes back in stock. In short, it will help you attract customers and will also make your product page look more informative. And to do, so you have to install this extension to your Magento 2 store.

There are two easy ways to install this module.

  • Installation using the command line.
  • Manually installing the extension.

Out of both, the first one is more recommended.

Why Does Your Store Need Custom Stock Status Magento 2 Extension?

Custom Stock Status add-on proves to help provide the customer with precise knowledge of the stock availability. It thus helps the customer decide how and when to purchase a product. Its ability to make statuses customizable and configurable makes it an efficient tool for usage. It’s an easy-to-use tool that helps set multiple statuses for multiple products at various stock levels. Thus, the use of it can be guaranteed to satisfy your Magento store to expand in a better, efficient and effective way to the customers.

What is Magento 2 Custom Status?

Magento 2 Custom Status extension is used to manage custom order statuses on the grid and help you to notify your customers.

Can I add status to the quantity base?

Yes, you can add status on quantity base.

Is it works with a configurable product with all option?

Yes, it is work with a configurable product with all options.

Is it possible to display the remaining quantity of a particular product if it's less than five?

Yes, you need to create rules and possible to display the remaining quantity of a particular product if it's less than five.

Can I add status for out of stock products?

Yes, you can add status for out of stock products.

Is it possible to hide the default status?

Yes, you can select the configuration to hide default stock status to yes, then it is possible to hide default status.

For which pages I can show the stock status of a product?

It can be displayed at Product Listing Page, Product Detail Page, Product Search Page, Shopping Cart Page, Backend Order Page, and Frontend Order Page.

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Current version number: 2.0.9
Date :- 27/01/2022
Bug fixed
--> Configurable product options are not visible on the product page in Magento2.4.3. We have fixed this issue.
--> Pagination doesn't display on the product list page in Magento2.4.3 version. MageAnts team fixed this issue and make compatible with all the Magento versions.

Current version number: 2.0.8
Date :- 25/05/2021
Bug fixed
--> Custom stock status extension not working for configurable product in magento version2.4.2, MageAnts team resolved issue and make compatible with all magento version.

Version number: 2.0.7
Date :- 05/10/2020
Bug fixed
→ MageAnts team make Custom stock status extension compatible in Magento2.4 latest version.
→ Custom stock status not changing in configurable products when customer change product attributes at product page, MageAnts team resolved issue in all Magento version.

Version number: 2.0.6
Date :- 02/06/2020
Bug fixed
→ When admin not upload custom stock status icon then IMG src tag display in console element. MageAnts remove IMG src tag when icon not uploaded.(Product page, Cart page, Backend frontend order grid).
→ Resolved issue of custom stock status update automatically based on quantity of product. MageAnts resolved issue in all Magento version now extension working fine in all version.

Current version number: 2.0.5
Date :- 10/06/2019
Bug fixed
→ MageAnts enhancement in Custom stock status extension now custom stock status icon also display in frontend backend order grid.

Current version number: 2.0.4
Date :- 11/03/2019
Bug fixed
→ MageAnts update Custom stock status extension in latest magento2.3 version, Now extension working with all Magento version.

Current version number: 2.0.4
Date :- 16/01/2019
Bug fixed
--> Update module version name in composer.json file same as module.xml file.

Current version number: 2.0.4
Date :- 30/11/2018
Bug fixed
--> When user open configurable product in frontend then product attributes not display in product view page, now issue solve and working fine in all Magento version.

version number: 2.0.3
Date :- 1/10/2018
Bug fixed
==> When user click on view and edit cart page then cart page not loading, now issue solve and working fine for all version.

Current version number: 2.0.2
Date :- 21/09/2018
Bug fixed
Extension working fine in all Magento version.

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