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Magento 2 Custom Price allows businesses to set custom prices for products and enable their customers to enter the custom price for a product manually.
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Key Features of Custom Price:

  • Set the custom price globally and also for each particular product.
  • Use for Simple, Configurable, Grouped, and Downloadable Products
  • Set a custom label on the frontend.
  • Allow to set the minimum product price globally or for a for a particular product.
  • Display an error message if the customer’s entered custom price is less than the minimum set product price.
  • Import custom pricing using a CSV file.
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Magento 2 does not allow store owners to set custom prices for products. As a result, store owners are unable to set a minimum price for their products.


Magento 2 Custom Price Extension by MageAnts allows businesses to set custom prices for their products. This extension allows merchants to set a minimum price for a product from the backend of their website. When a customer views the product on the website, they will not see the minimum price set by the merchant. Instead, they will be prompted to enter a custom price for the product.

This gives customers the flexibility to offer a price that they feel is fair for the product. However, if a customer tries to enter a price that is lower than the minimum custom price set by the merchant, an error message will be displayed. This ensures that merchants are still able to maintain a certain level of profitability for their products.


Custom Price Option
Global Custom Price Option
Per Product: Custom Price Option
Set the minimum price.
Error Message
Visibility Options
Import a CSV file.


What is Custom Price Extension for Magento 2?

The Custom Price extension for Magento 2 is one of the most effective ways to let your customers purchase the products and pay the price that they want. It allows you to add a custom price for the products you want. Custom price labels can be set globally on all products or product-wise (along with minimum custom price for both).


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Change Log

Current Version Number : 2.0.0

Date :20/07/2023

New Developed

  • MageAnts team developed a new extension Custom Price working with all Magento version.

  • How Does Magento 2 Custom Price Extension Work?

  • Why Does Your Store Need A Custom Price Extension For Magento 2?

  • Benefits of Custom Price Magento 2 Extension

  • With Magento 2 Custom Price extension functionality, you can easily set up custom prices on the front end, where customers can manually enter the custom price of the product.
  • As a merchant, you just need to install and enable the extension.
  • Later, set the custom price option as “Global” or “Product Wise” as per your needs.
  • After that, enter the minimum custom price.
  • Set error messages for customers. So when they enter a price less than the minimum set custom price, this message will be displayed.
  • Merchants segment their markets and focus on specific customer groups. Select the customer group for which you want to enable this extension.
  • Price extension can work on both per-product and global products.
  • After all these settings, the default product price will be hidden for customers on the front end. Customers can add the custom price of the product.
  • If you want to maximize profits from your Magento 2 store, implementing custom price extensions is a must.
  • The Custom Price Extension is a powerful marketing tool that allows businesses to increase the price of their products to maximize profits. They are also used to expand the reach of a company's products and services by getting customers to buy them at a higher price.
  • As eCommerce continues to grow, more and more merchants are looking for ways to increase profits. One way to do this is by setting custom prices for specific products or all the products in your store using Custom Price Magento 2.
  • This extension not only helps in setting custom prices but also allows you to set the price for each customer group as needed. Give a personalized user experience, build loyalty, and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • More flexibility with product pricing options
  • Personalized pricing option
  • Improve customer loyalty.
  • Increased sales
  • A more comprehensive and effective pricing strategy

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