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EU Cookie Law For Magento 2

Make your website user-friendly while adhering to the corresponding cyber laws with this extension. Using cookies on your website can boost the user-experience. However, there are some cyber laws related to this with which the extension helps you.

  • Inform your users about cookie usage while adhering to cyber cookie law.

  • Take user consent regarding HTTP cookies according to the law.

  • Choose the colour and location of the display on the notification.

  • Use a simple and precise extension on your website.

  • Work with utmost ease with an easy-to installextension design.

Magento 2.0.x - 2.3.X
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Additional Information

HTTP Cookies which are commonly also known as web cookies help a website to store some necessary information on the user’s device and use it later to create a more user-friendly experience. These cookies help a website to remember intricate information regarding a customer’s website use such as log-in credentials, past activities (for e.g. items added to the cart), their personal details (name, number, address, etc.) and much more.

The basic purpose behind this is remembering user information provide them with a better experience. However, storage and usage of such private information using tracking cookies like third-party tracking cookies can also act as a privacy concern for many users. They might not be willing to allow the website store such details. That is why a few years back the website Cookie Law came into existence after some efforts by the US and European lawmakers. This law suggested that any website making use of cookies should inform the customer beforehand and can continue doing so only after customer discretion.

Since then, it is mandatory for all websites using HTTP cookies to ask for the viewer’s permission before using. The same goes for Magento-based e-com websites. However, you cannot just provide this information on your website. You need a standard platform for it. That is why we have come up with the Mageants Cookie Law extension for Magento 2. This extension helps you provide your customers with the required cookie notice.

How does it work?

As mentioned, the prime goal of this extension is to equip your website with the mandatory cookie alert feature. The Cookie Law came into existence in order to safeguard the privacy of web users. It was designed so that the users are authorised to give away only that much information which they find safe.

As a reputed e-com seller, you too need to add this feature on your website in order to ensure that you provide your customers with the necessary information and to safeguard yourself from possible lawsuits.

Mageants Cookie Law Extension

This Mageants extension is a 100% open source extension. Along with the features and benefits, you can also avail the following sales benefits by purchasing this extension:

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It's working fine on my website and happy to visit again for purchase paid extensions too because of quality and support Review by Murray / (Posted on 10/17/2019)

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