Reach to customer

Create a winning customer experience with the below listed Magneto 2 extensions reach to customers to help your business thrive. MageAnts has designed Magento 2 GDPR extension to help online stores with the EU's new legislative requirements. Now, it strengthens your store privacy and data security and gives all the necessary consents to beat the competition.

To provide a better shopping experience allows your customers to log in quickly in one click. Assist your potential customers with the fast checkout process and reduce support time on credentials requests by installing Login as Customer extension.

Reach to Customer

Stay updated with your website traffic by using Magento 2 Google Analytics extension. You can track the search engine optimization and organic reach information of your website because it is easy to access all data from the admin panel.

Probably, the most important thing for attracting users is to send recent sales notification frequently. With the help of Magento 2 Recent Sales Notification, you can display your sales status to the customers like your best-selling and most trending products. With automatic popups, you can display recent orders information to your stores.

Use Magento 2 extensions to increase your productivity by highlighting the active deals on your website and boost sales.