Checkout Success Page for Magento 2
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Compatible Magento Version 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4

Checkout Success Page For Magento 2

Improve your store sales & increase customer loyalty by dumping the standard Magento2 Order Confirmation page & upgrading to an attractive “Thank You” page by using Magento 2 Checkout Success Page extension.

  • Display full order summary.
  • Allow guest users to create an account directly from the checkout page.
  • Showcase a recommended list of products.
  • Offer coupon codes as a discount for the next order.
  • Enables customers to share their shopping experience via social networks.
  • NEW Display useful information and other attractive elements like full order summary, discount codes.
  • NEW Allow creating an account directly from the Magento 2 Success page for guest users.
  • NEW Add Newsletter subscribe tab on the order confirmation page to make more email subscriptions
  • NEW Enhanced Customer and Purchase details.
  • NEW Set custom rules to display different information by shipping methods, customer groups, or payment.
  • NEW Use the sort functionality to arrange the sections the way you want.
  • NEW Full visibility control for each section with individual visibility options.
  • NEW Customize the success page and descriptions for each block and section from admin options.
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Are you looking for an alternative method to get rid of the default ‘Order Confirmation’ page of Magento 2? Are you willing to enhance your customers' shopping experience by providing them a better look and feel for your checkout success page? The Magento 2 Thank You Page extension is exactly what you are looking for, which will help you achieve your goals.

The Magento 2 Custom Checkout Success Page extension allows the merchants to take full control of the ‘Thank you’ page by adding different elements to the page as per their requirement. A highly customizable configuration makes it easy to display relevant and useful data to the customers at checkout. The admin can choose to provide a full summary of the order, add discount codes for customers, display a list of recommended products, and a lot more. With these configurations, they can change the page's whole look and make it appear more attractive to the customers. In doing so, it guarantees to increase customer loyalty and sales for the store.

How do I customize my Magento 2 checkout page?

  • Install Checkout success page Magento 2 extension in your store.
  • You can enable extension from store --> Configuration --> Mageants --> Checkout success page.
  • You can set other configuration as per your need and requirement.
  • Go to frontend and add product to cart.
  • Place order then you can see customize checkout page in frontend.

How Does Magento Checkout Success Page Work?

By installing this useful tool, a set of options will be made available over the Magento admin panel, providing full control over the visibility of the ‘Thank you’ page. Using this easy and highly configurable tool, the admin can design the page to appear informative and user-friendly. In addition, the admin can customize the checkout success page to match a website design, just as per the requirement.

This success page Magento 2 by MageAnts provides various features such as full order summary display, success page account setup for guest users, newsletter subscriptions, coupon codes, list of product recommendations, etc. The merchants improve shoppers' experience.

MageAnts Magento 2 Custom Order Number extension helps store owners to customize the order numbers and sales data to protect sensitive data and privacy. This is a useful tool for managing the order database by customizing store documents such as orders, invoices, credit memos, and shipments according to their needs.

Benefits of Checkout Success Page for Magneto 2

  • Helps to summarize an overview of purchase products, including product name, quantity, price, shipping method, payment method, etc.
  • Enhance customers’ data by the newsletter subscription and encourage them to leave their information to receive more updated news, events, promotion, or loyalty programs.
  • One of the effective ways to maintain the relationship between stores and customers.
  • Thank you page Magento 2 helps merchants to thank their customers who have trusted and presented professional customer services.
  • Allows displaying related products to encourage buyers to keep browsing and add more items to their shopping carts. That means they tend to make more purchases from your store.

Why Does Your Store Need Checkout Success Page Magento 2?

Thank you page is a great way to connect to customers. A better layout and design helps quickly catch the users' eye. With this powerful Magento 2 edit success page tool in hand, the store admin can configure different elements in one checkout success page and easily streamline the checkout process. Through the different features such as making coupon codes available, marketing promotions in CMS blocks, and displaying a list of product recommendations, the store can leave a good impression on the customers and make it more convenient for them to go shopping. And once customer satisfaction is achieved, your store's sales will be improved significantly.

What is Magento 2 Checkout Success Page Extension?

Magento 2 Checkout Success Page Extension helps to improve the look and feel of your “Thank You” page or a success page. Customization of the default thank you page of your store is possible, and you can show related products, offer discounts, and more.

Can I share my shopping experience with a social network?

Yes, you can share your shopping experience with your social channels. You need to set configuration as per your requirement for the same.

How to set shipping information on the checkout success page?

To set shipping information, follow below steps:

  1. Go to the store
  2. Configuration and Set Shipping Information in checkout success page
Can I set a different checkout page design for each store?

Yes, you can set different designs for the checkout page as per your need.

Is the Checkout Success Page works for all customer groups?

Yes, it works for all customer groups. You need to check the configuration for the same.

How can I customize my Magento 2 thank you page?

Checkout Success Page is a perfect extension for the every customer who wants to show Order success page more attractive and customize, this Magento 2 checkout success page extension provide that functionality to show success page is more attractive.

How do you display order information in checkout success page in Magento 2?

Yes using Magento 2 checkout success page extension you can display order information like(Shipping info, Delivery info, Order number, Order product, etc.) in order page.

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Current version number: 2.0.3
Date :- 31/08/2022
Bug fixed
- MageAnts team makes this extension compatible with the Magento coding standard.

Current version number: 2.0.2
Date :- 09/02/2021
Bug fixed
- Add Newsletter subscribe tab on the order confirmation page to make more email subscriptions.

Current version number: 2.0.1
Date :- 23/10/2019
Bug fixed
- When a customer order place with a downloadable product then the Checkout Success Page extension is not working for a downloadable product, Now issue solve in all Magento version and working fine in all version.

Current version number: 2.0.1
Date :- 16/04/2019
Bug fixed
- When a customer order place with a downloadable product then the Checkout Success Page extension is not working for a downloadable product, Now issue solve in all Magento version and working fine in all version.

Current version number: 2.0.0
Date :- 08/03/2019
Bug fixed
- MageAnts update Checkout Success Page extension in latest Magento2.3 version, Now extension working with all Magento version.

Version number: 2.0.0
Date :- 16/01/2019
Bug fixed
- Update module version name in composer.json file.

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