Magento 2 Affiliate Program Offer by MageAnts

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MageAnts Affiliate Program - H1

Redirect traffic from your websites to MageAnts & earn commission on every purchase.

Our affiliate program is simple, easy, transparent and most important, FREE. Be a partner today and start getting paid the easy way.

Simple yet Effective

  • Publish

  • Redirect

    Traffic to mageants
  • They

  • You


How much do you Earn ?

Our team will verify your registration request after which you be will notified on the given mail address about the confirmation. Once you are an affiliate member then we will provide you affiliate links, banners which you can post on your websites.

If a purchase takes place by a customer who has arrived after clicking on an affiliate link from your website then you will be given commission according to below mentioned specifications.

  • 10%
  • 15%
  • 20%

How do you get paid ?

With the network of MageAnts partners, getting your money is easy. You are paid monthly by wire transfer or PayPal if you have reached the minimum required for payment ($ 100).

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